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Canadian cartoonist Tanner F. Riche presents a decade of comic art and fun in Tanner and Casey Volume One. This colour book collects everything from comic strips to full length stories dating from 2013 to 2023. Join Tanner, out of work and both dim and bright, and his sassy dog Casey, often the guinea pig of Tanner's money-making schemes (though she won't take it lightly). Living in their friend's home, with his family and cats, makes for a delightful mix of chaos.

Tanner and Casey, after years of development, launched officially on December 30th, 2013, on the official website and Facebook page. Since then, it has developed a fan following, appears in books and newspapers, and been the focus of interviews and articles.

2023 marks ten years, and a decade isn't something to gloss over. This book celebrates everything related to the comic strip, including both the comics themselves, and special features.


Digital copies will be released subsequently on Kindle. Look out for updates!

Tanner and Casey Volume One

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