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Casey Sue


The star of the show. Casey is a very sassy gal with a fierce tongue. She has a western accent if you ever hear her. Casey enjoys to eat lots and hang out with her original owner, Tanner. She sleeps when she can and enjoys life to it's fullest.


Tanner Johnston


The co-star of the comic. He is always there for Casey. He's someone Casey can be herself around and offers a sense of discipline in the strips. He and Casey were taken in by the Montanas, whose house he uses as a lab until he finds stable work again.


Bud W. L. Montana


Casey's animal pal... or enemy. Bud is sort of a prankster. When Casey's asleep, for instance, he blows an air horn in her face - but then gets what's coming for him.


Miley Montana


The youngest animal- a kitten! Miley is in love with herself and has to keep up with all the latest fashion trends.


Jonny Montana


Tanner's best friend. Jonny is a geeky, but ordinary dad to his children (see below), who serves Casey like a Queen. He likes to think he is the family powerhead.


Molly Montana


Jonny's wife, and a loving mother. At times tomboy-ish. She doesn't put up with much that Jonny does.


Billy M.: The baby who knows a bit of English and sometimes scares the begeebies out of people. He wanted to trap Santa once. Sandie: She looks just like Molly used to. Ordinary 8 year old. Jonny M. jr: Looks like Jonny but smaller and short hair. He usually wears collar shirts. Regular 10 year old.


Marylyn: The rich know-it-all up the road, and Tanner's love interest. Cliffy: The Montanas' neighbour to the right, and drunk all the time. Zach: Tanner's friend, and the Montanas' neighbour to the left. Mr. Pit: An ex school teacher who taught English. A cranky, retired, old man. Mrs. Lee: A teacher on the verge to retire. Kind, sweet (unless pushed), and elderly. Keith: A local resident who never smiles. EverPat: A ghost-hunter. Tanner Riche: The cartoonist who occasionally pops in, mainly when Casey visits the studio.

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