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About the Comic

In development since 2007, Tanner and Casey started a soft launch on Facebook in early 2012. Around a year later the strip began regular production. In early June, 2013, the real Casey died, but she still lives on in our humorous little comic, signaling a digital relaunch of the strip that December, from which it has been running steadily ever since online, in books, and in newspapers. In 2023 the strip enjoyed an overhaul with a new web-friendly (digital first) layout, rebranding, and a stronger social presence. The comic's video counterparts receive hundreds to thousands of views per each new installment. Primarily family focused and following a gag-a-day format, the strip does occasionally dive into character-building storylines, especially int he comic book series (coming up on issue three), which uses humour to tackle a more serious underlying story arch: Tanner, his lack of money, his problems as a human, and Casey's rebuttal.

Disclaimer of comic:
short: The wacky comic life of a dog, her friends, and her family!
long: Tanner was down on his luck, at a dead end without a job and a pet to care for. Fortunately, his friends, a family of 5 with two cats, welcomed them in until Tanner can get back on his feet. But it isn't always easy when you have things crossing your path, and the jobs still aren't coming in.

About the Cartoonist

   Tanner F. Riche was born in Saint John, NB, Canada and grew up on Deer Island. In 2006 he started reading the local paper's comics section, and from here the cartooning snowball started. He found a passion for art and comic strips and decided in 2007 he would create one of his own (Tanner and Casey)!
   Today, living in Fredericton with his fiancé Chad and cat Miley. He is a published author with many books sold, and has sold multiple paintings across Canada and the United States. His journalism work has appeared in newspapers and on television. He is a volunteer at CHCOtv in St. Andrews and has his own show in the works.
   Tanner, alongside a love for painting, writing, and creating things, is deeply passionate about Tanner and Casey this many years later, and loves to make people laugh... a goal he faces every day!

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