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Join Tanner and his sassy canine companion, Casey, in their adventures through Salt City. While Tanner lives with friends until he gets back on his feet, Casey must put up with a new family... and new enemies. Sometimes, it's easier said than done. In this issue, Tanner has applied to become a Mall Santa and make some extra cash along the way, but he's run into a dilemma. Can he fill out the suit. Tanner asks Casey for some help, but will things end up going his way? Then, the whole family begins questioning the holiday season as things don't go their way. Also, don't miss Bud's New Years story inside this festive holiday issue!

Length: 24 pages
Print: Glossy, colour
​Cost: $4.99 CAD

Release date: November 2022

Tanner and Casey #2

  • Shipment fulfulled through Canada Post.

  • Tanner and Casey

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