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Let me catch you up to speed.

While the comic strips have been sparse the last little while, I have some valid reasons. Hear me out! In my latest post on the Tanner and Casey Facebook page, I noted that some recent complications (mostly with my hand) have made it very difficult for me to draw, at least at my usual rate. In the meantime, we have a large, free collection of comic strips dating all the way back to 2013 that you can enjoy. That's a whole decade of art, jokes, and all-around fun! This actually brings me to a big announcement.

Tanner and Casey turns 10 this December. While I've been drawing under the Tanner and Casey title and developing my characters since I was a kid back in 2007, this marks an entire decade since I started posting a regular strip online and in papers. And that calls for a celebration!

A large book in in production. It had varying titles, but it's called, simply, "Tanner and Casey Volume One (10th Anniversary)". This book contains every full-length comic book, story, and comic strip I've published since 2013, all in one great place. It also features games, articles, and other special features. Also, comics previously printed in black and white will appear in colour for the first time! This will be a colour paperback and will be released in the next few months. We considered hardcover, but we want you to be able to afford it; currently the list price will sit at $19.99.

I've also recently been continuing the Tanner and Casey line of comic books, featuring full-length comic stories, with issue two. This holiday issue was finally released just in time last month, and is currently available for Amazon Kindle. I'm working on other options, too. It's 24 full colour pages of fun! These comic books offer me an opportunity to expand on the characters and develop their personalities in a way the limitations of a 1-4 panel comic strip never would.

We didn't send issue 2 to print due to low demand on preorders, but both issues one and two are on Amazon and receiving some nice attention. So thank you for reading them and sharing my passion project of several years!

It's hard to say just how many times I've drawn Casey's big round nose or Tanner's spiky hair, but it never gets tiring. And with these big projects under way, I hope that my hand will soon let up and let me create new comic strips for you very soon. The latest comic strip, from January 14th, 2023, our first this year, is available here.

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