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The End and Back to the Beginning

So, you may have noticed our strip on June 24th.

The message is real and it is indeed the ending. We're simply too late (or too early) to pull an April Fool's joke. And it is simply due to the reasons stated above in the comic itself: the characters and series are evolving!

No more being cramped to 1-4 panels. No more quick gags or storylines getting broken up and jarring. Hello long-form storytelling and detailed art! Oh, it feels heavenly! It's time for Tanner and Casey to shine.

Of course, we are issuing reruns over on Webtoons over the next two years starting right at the beginning from December 30th, 2013.

And do be sure to check out Tanner and Casey on TikTok, where we'll be posting new video content!

Tanner and Casey continues as a comic book with issue three hitting shelves and e-readers THIS summer. Stay tuned...

Thanks for ten + years.


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