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T&C #1: Who, What, and Where?

Originally posted October 29, 2021.

Some good news, some bad news. But mostly amazing! I'll start with the bad news, as I like to end things on a positive note: the main computer filled with the majority of Tanner Riche Studios project files has crashed. I lost everything from stories to music to videos to publication templates. I lost comic book covers, colour swatches... but perhaps most devastating was I lost all of my original files for not only Tanner and Casey #1, but also all of the comic strips - black ink and colour - from 2018 to the present. Fortunately, our printer has all of the flattened files on hand for T&C #1, so it can still be printed! We just have to remake our cover and segments. I guess that little bit of luck is a good segway into some incredible news!

Tanner and Casey Comics #1 is OUT NOW with both digital copies at $2.99 CAD and print copies at $3.50 CAD (s/h extra if applicable). The e-book is on Amazon via Kindle right now. If you'd like a physical copy, send us an email with your address for delivery, and we'll get back to you for final payment via EMT. If you know me personally, I'll take cash, too. It's 24 pages of full colour goodness you won't be able to put down! Seriously... try it! Oh, also... I got a new drawing tablet, the Wacom One. It's a learning curve, and I'm still working out lots of bugs, but I like it nonetheless. Did I mention restarting my laptop to install the tablet (and then it doing updates) is what caused it to lose all of my 8 years' worth of original art files, plus personal ones as well? Ah, Wacom One, I still love you anyways, even though sometimes (most times) you give me hell. This coming Tuesday's strip is the first drawn on my Wacom, so be sure to check it out. AND BUY THAT BOOK!

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